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What we offer -Charitable approach

Pendeza Weaving has a registered wing of community developement dealing with Women, children and youth on issues of practical developement.The Charitable wing ,has a Community Based OrgarniSation registered by the name Pendeza Weaving Project,the CBO is serving Community at the grass roots.

In Building National Outlook and linkages,Pendeza has an NGO by the name Pendeza Community Developement Services (PECODESE) which is tasked with influencing Policy makers(duty bearers )to design programmes which are community friendly.

Key activities of Pendeza Weaving Under its charitable wing includes:


Building o Socia-economic empowerement with emphasis on Agro-business

2.)VOCATION TRAINING -Focusing on employability and setting up of cottage industries dealing with hand spinning ,weaving .knitting Crotchet making and tailoring .

3.)HOUSEHOLD INVESTMENT :-This is with emphasis on women property rights.

4.)GENDER ,HUMAN RIGHTS:-This focuses on lobbying and avdocacy on women and children rights protection.


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